Teen Girls Room Styles

Decorating a room for a teenage girl is not an easy task, but with enough inspiration from Decoist it’s going to be a fun job. There are a lot of things you should take care of  from choosing a cool color theme to deciding what furniture makes it to the room, you should listen well to your pretentious and stylish teenage girl before deciding on the final product.

Our advice for decorating young girls’ bedrooms is that they need to be practical, yet cozy at the same time. Having a desk is not a bad idea considering that your teenage girl will do homework in her little crib.

Also make sure there are plenty of cabinets or shelving systems where she can hang her stuff there’s a saying that you can never have too much storage space, even if we’re talking about a girls’ room. And lighting is important as well, she’ll need plenty!

Think of playful details, use lots of bright colors and make sure the whole decor is age-appropriate for your little girl to be happy while hanging out with friends, during her long hours of study or when she’s killing time. Bottom line: the decor for teenage girls’ rooms need to be highly appealing and visually aesthetic.

Every teenage girls has their own style, whether it is Feminine, Contemporary, Chic, Sophisticated or Simply sassy. Here we take a look at some of the best ways to work their style into a teenage bedroom scheme that they will love for years to come. 

Add colour, pattern and texture
Please even the fussiest teenage girl with the addition of her favourite colour. Colour is a fantastic way to for your teen to showcase their personality. Use colourful accessories, which can be changed as frequently as their mood.

Work in storage
Every parent knows how difficult it can be to get you child to clean and tidy up after themselves. Make storage attractive and they will be putting away their belongings in no time. Use boxes, baskets and bins to maximum capacity and choose storage that's both efficient and pleasing to the eye. Get your child to decorate them in their favourite colours and magazine clippings.

Colourful bedroom
Mix, match and layer bold, bright floral bedlinen, paint walls in a toning shade, and you'll have created a bedroom scheme that cheers up even most finicky teenager.