Sofa cum Bed Styles

Your Living Room is the first thing that any visitor or guest notice, when they enter your house. It sets the impression of your whole house. With N.N.Groups - N.N.Furnitures, Sofa-cum-Beds, you can enhance the comfort and beauty of your Living Room. Ideal for sitting, lounging or to curl up and sleep, these convertible sofa cum beds are prepared to host guests more often. Be inspired by our trendy collection that features brilliant styles and mechanisms, where each model has a compact design and is a smart functional and aesthetic-al accessory. A Sofa-cum-Bed is the best alternative when you require a sofa that occupies less space. At the same time, it will also be sufficient to accommodate extra members or guests who come for a stay at your place. For these reasons, this furniture becomes the right option.

At N.N.Groups - N.N.Furnitures, you can find wide range of modern, fabric, leather, metal and wooden sofa-cum-beds. We give you a range of sofa-cum-beds which work efficiently as both sofa and a bed. They are easily convertible and give you the best comfort in both. They help you to convert your living room into a temporary bedroom. You may choose from the range of sofa-cum-bed designs which we offer. You may go for the Contemporary/Colonial sets or choose from modern sofa beds. You will get varied designs that will help you enhance the look of your living rooms. Pick from the varied sizes, colours and materials as per your choice. You may also check for different storage spaces suiting your need.