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Glass strongly influences modern architectural design. The creative use of large windows, glass doors, rooflights, and atria, among many  other  applications,  makes  buildings  and  houses bright, airy, inviting and energy efficient. So we use it wisely in our designing.

Uses & applications
The main uses of glass in buildings and houses are, of course, the most obvious and visible ones: facades and windows. Today's glass products for commercial and residential buildings represent highly developed technologies, nothing like the simple window panes of the past. Light, comfort, well-being, style, safety and security, and sustainability are among the benefits of today's high-performing windows and glass building facades. The ability to control heat, light, and sound transmission to a high degree enables architects to design buildings that have a greatly reduced impact on the environment and dwellings that are quiet, comfortable and safe. Glass also finds application in interior decoration and furniture.
Glass in residential houses
Glass proves to be a very attractive and modern alternative to other building materials, such as brick, polycarbonate, or wood. The more glass is used, the more natural light enters the home. This makes the home even more pleasant and comfortable, and, with today's high-tech glass options, this can come at no cost to security, safety, or environmental sustainability.
Glass in commercial buildings
Today's glass technologies allow large commercial buildings to be energy efficient structures that make the most of natural daylight while protecting the environment and the climate and conserving energy.
Interior Design
Glass offers dynamic interior design solutions that can maximise the impression of light and space, and add colour and movement to a room. High glass strength, made possible by modern glass technology, extends the range of applications of this attractive material beyond the merely decorative, to functional and even structural roles.

Home  Consumers  Where You Can Use Glass in Your Home
As an architectural element, glass has become the quintessential product for your home or building.
N.N.Interior Designers play a key role in the selection and application of glass and with the wide range of applications including concertina doors, louvre windows, kitchen splash backs and frame less glass show screens, how glass can be used is only limited by your imagination.
Glass plays a vital role in the internal and external function and design of our project.