N.N.Flooring Works

Floor Preperation
People seldom realise that the art of a beautiful Floor lies in the subfloor preparation.
There is absolutely no point in supplying our customers with our products without surveying their existing surface. There are many different smoothing and damp proofing systems. Our skilled staff are trained to recognise the issues with each individual subfloor and designate the correct product for the job. All floor preparation will be  carried by our experienced Tradesmen to the strictest manufacturer's recommendations so that any floor laid by us will last the test of time.
Residential Flooring
We cater for all budgets and tastes. Choose your product in a friendly environment with advice from skilled professionals, who will guide you and help you pick the right product for you needs. When it comes to your own home we understand the importance of the personal touch. We work with architects, homeowners and designers. 
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