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Spend 8 hours a night sleeping and that's 2,688 hours per year spent in bed...! Your physical, mental and emotional performances are all directly correlated to the quality of sleep you're getting.

We are also involved in selling Mattress, Bean bags, Cushions & Pillows in wholesale and retail manner. The quality of your mattress drastically impacts the quality of your day to day activities, so it's very important to have the best mattress possible for your overall well being. Good health requires healthy sleep, and that's exactly what Essential provides.

Generally, two types of mattresses are available  Innerspring and Memory foam.
Innerspring systems are most widely purchased, characterised by coiled metal springs layered between sheets of foam and padding. Usually lasting 5-10 years, typically the least expensive option.

Memory foam mattresses are made of higher-density foams which are more expensive and provide excellent body support. It is important to be wary, as not all memory foam mattresses are created equally.

Softness, Support and Size are three important attributes you should look for when purchasing a mattress.

1. Softness : Mattress softness will keep your body comfortable and relaxed from all angles and contact points with body surface. Lying on a mattress in store to test its firmness will not guarantee comfort in the long run.
2. Support : Your mattresses should be solid enough to provide support according to your body shape and sleeping pattern. Mattress softness and support goes hands-in-hand: a good mattress should support your entire body and ensure spinal integrity.
3. Size : Size does matter. Studies reveal that a healthy person moves 40-60 times a night with some 10-12 full body movements.
We sell Bean Bags which have beco Bean Bags me a globally recognised piece of furniture. The original bean bag chair was called "Sacco", which was a pear-shaped leather bag filled with styro foam beans and is still in production today. Bean bags can be made from materials including leather, suede, corduroy and fake fur. Polyester bean bags are waterproof and can be used outdoors. Giant bean bags can also be used as a cheap alternative to buying a sofa or couch.You can even get baby bean bags that are known for helping babies that suffer from colic. Widely popular in college dorms and family rooms, bean bag chairs are infinitely adjustable. 
The best part about these bags is they are compact and take less space unlike enormous sofas and couches. Also, they are portable and hence can be taken along wherever required and can be stuffed in closets when not needed.