N.N.Electrical & Networking Works


Backed by our domain excellence, we are engaged in offering Electrical Layout services to our clients base across the domestic markets. All the Electrical Layouts are prepared using cutting edge technology and then implemented at the clients' site. We further ensure that their exact demands are fulfilled through our Electrical Layout services. Our company is a noteworthy entity engaged in undertaking numerous  Electrical Works for commercial buildings, offices, hotels, new industrial plants and factories. The professionals in our firm ensure a prompt execution of these services.  Further, these personnel ensure that all the legal requirements laid down by the Government of India are fulfilled, while implementing the project.

While planning the electrical wiring in your home due importance should be given to all aspects. We are the best judge when it comes to assessing the number of power points extension, in each room. You can take the advice from our skilled electrical contractor while planning the details, especially the technical aspects. Are you going in for a single phase, two phase or three phase connection/ Get the load of all the appliances and other power requirements calculated before installing the mains.  We give due importance to safety aspects. proper earthing is essential for your safety as well as longevity of appliances and gadgets, The wiring would be concealed; we make sure that good quality wiring is used to save a lot of trouble in the future. All conduit ends need to be sealed by caps and conduit openings and junction box openings should be protected so that much and other debris form construction does not enter. Installing fuse for each power board as well as circuit breakers is essential. These will protect your expensive gadgets and appliances. Routing of wiring from the mains to each and every room in your home should be done after much deliberation. Chalk out the requirements room wise - for example, in the main bedroom consider the light points, fans, point for AC, TV and media unit, computer, room heater, points for Lamps, chargers etc., we decide the exact location of everything and get the wiring routed and switch boards and sockets installed accordingly. There is nothing more unsightly than loose wires snaking across the room and extension boards marring the space! We think about the height of the power points and sockets vis a vis their usage and your convenience.