Pooja Mandir/Unit Styles


Welcome to the domain of the most exquisitely crafted, supernally designed and beautifully created abodes of the almighty; Pooja Mandir/Unit Styles Collections....

All of us have our own special ways in which we seek to honour and exalt the lord and receive his blessings. God’s place in our lives is inevitably the most cherished and honoured as he is the object of our highest respect and esteem. Since time immemorial we have demonstrated that respect in honouring his figure by ensuring the best and the most creative forms of seating him in our homes and positioning him in our lives.

God has his own choices as to where to abound and shower his bountiful grace, and we genuinely believe that by creating the most artistic and rich dwelling locales for him, we could invoke his spirit to rest on all of us and shower us with his divine blessings and good fortune.

Here at Pooja Mandir/Unit, an esoteric group of very devout and diligently chosen few, have dedicated themselves to the cause of creating the most graceful and elegant dwellings for the divine, for installation at homes, work places, and elsewhere. Pooja Mandir/Unit presents a repertoire of choices in varied and multiple designs, created from rosewood/teakwood/pinewood else ply wood and metal, hand crafted for beauty and exclusivity. Available in an array of sizes, shapes, and models our mandirs are dexterously crafted into stunning masterpieces which we confidently believe, would beckon the lord himself.

Solemnize the almighty in an exclusive mandir created by us today and position him in your lives, and revel in the munificent blessings that the lord brings to your lives. 

Pooja Mandir.……the portal of the divine…!