Outdoor Deck Styles

The deck is a prime entertaining space and a go-to spot for hosting family and friends. An extension of the indoor living space, decks are the best location to hold a summer barbecue or birthday party. While it’s great for group gatherings, the views and breezy locale make it a top-quality spot for some solo relaxation as well. As you prep your deck plans, make sure to do your due diligence on materials. Once you settle on that, start thinking about the shape and elevation of the space. Do you want a raised deck or just a platform? Do you want it covered or uncovered? Think about what is safe and practical for your family. Finally, make it feel like home by investing in high-quality outdoor decor and furniture. 

What deck material should I use ?
When reviewing deck ideas and material options, always keep price, appearance and ongoing maintenance in mind. Wood decks look more natural, but need to be stained and weatherproofed frequently; on the other hand, composite is easier to care for but might not look as authentic. Plastic decks are an inexpensive alternative and aluminum is an unique option but also more pricy. In the end, budget and care are important factors, but be sure your final choice blends well with your home’s current style and personality. 

What deck design works for my space ?
Decks are relatively easy to customize, so consider all your options before going forward. A raised deck often includes a staircase, which helps with backyard access, and it can either be covered or uncovered. Platform decks are placed on or just off the ground, while a multilevel space takes a little from both. You can even opt for a free standing platform, which is placed out in the yard and not attached to the house at all. 

How should I decorate my deck ?
Once the construction decisions are done, it’s time to decorate! Because decks are really centered around comfortable patio furniture, be sure to invest in a nice set. Include an umbrella and table for easy al fresco dining, and purchase a weatherproofed sofa and chaise lounges for ultimate relaxation. And since the yard is great for those cool summer nights, don’t forget about proper lighting when planning out your deck decor. Think about how bright you want the area to be and explore your options accordingly. Look into LED bulbs and solar lighting options, and consider placement of fixtures on railings and posts. Hang strings of festive lights or lanterns over the communal space and consider a fire pit to circle around for cozy conversation and s’mores.