Modular Kitchen Plans

This seems to be the most important aspect and hence we take into consideration what your requirements are and what best can be made available. Modular kitchens come with a few options in terms of layout, and our team of interior designers will help you choose the best layout for your kitchen space. The options include the ever-popular L-shaped kitchen, a parallel kitchen layout, a single-wall kitchen for those who are working with smaller spaces, and kitchen islands for those who want something truly contemporary, with an open kitchen layout and plenty of space! We factor in your functional requirements, the space you have and the design you want, creating a truly customised unit that will match all of your needs. Another vital benefit to modular kitchens is the high product quality and standardisation. All our kitchens are factory-made, with machinery. We use waterproof materials to construct the kitchen body, and give you a choice of finish for the shutters. The materials used, as well as the hardware, all come from tried and tested brands.