Living Room Styles

"If you could only choose one room in your Home to put your Heart and Soul into Designing, the Living Room would top the list. It’s that treasured (and often off-limits) space that sets the tone for your entire decorating style." -- Mary Kate McGrath
The Living Room, also known as Sitting Room/Lounge Room/Lounge (in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand), is a room for entertaining Adult Guests/Reading/Other activities and it must be spacious, well designed, with well balanced colours and also has to have style. And this style comes in various shapes, from the modernist one which tries to be more and more minimalistic, but uses furniture with contrasting colours in the room to the traditional interior designs which give the feeling of room crowding.
Since the Living Room is usually the First Room that your Guests see, it should be a space that reflects your style. The most popular decorating styles are Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional. It is never a bad idea to Redesign your Living Room, especially if you feel it is not Cozy/Sophisticated enough. After all, it is the room where your family spends most of their time, and it definitely deserves a critical look from time to time.