L - Shape Kitchen Styles

L-Shape Modular Kitchen, the cabinets occupy two adjacent walls. Again, the work triangle is preserved, and there may even be space for an additional table at a third wall, provided it does not intersect the triangle. We offer L shaped modular kitchen, which gives perfect design for large kitchen. Our range of l shaped modular kitchen gives proper space in the kitchen thus making it more spacious. We designed these L shaped modular kitchen in such a way that it has also maximum cabinets and drawers under the platform. Giving an elegant look, these modular  are  very  famous.  Modular  kitchen  comes  in  various designs such as L-shaped which includes two sided counter top (one shorter table than the other). The user can place the hob, chimney and sink besides other appliances to suit his needs. While this design allows the user to make yummy food, it also encourages cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen. This shape uses two walls of the kitchen for the three points of the work triangle. Often, the fridge is at one end of the long leg of the "L", the sink is towards the center of the same wall, and the stove is perpendicular, on the short leg of the "L." In contrast to the U-shape kitchen, the "L" has a long, rather than a short wall facing towards the rest of the room. Room traffic does not cross into the triangle, and, since this design uses only two walls, the triangle is long and relatively narrow, allowing for a more open layout. This setup is well-suited to a large room where the kitchen shares space with a family room. Additional counter space may further lengthen one leg of the "L."