I - Shape Kitchen Styles

I-Shape Kitchen Style is a new concept in the world of kitchen Interior/furniture technology. N.N.Groups - N.N.Interiors & Decorators have developed some of the best kitchen solutions to meet the customer needs. One such design is the Island/I-Shape Kitchen Style/type which includes a counter top right in the centre of the kitchen with all the appliances placed around the table according to the requirement of the kitchen. However if this is the design that the buyer intends to buy, he needs to ensure that it is possible to make necessary modifications with the pipeline construction since the drainage system will have to be designed in the central part of the room.

I-Shape Kitchen Style have become the norm in new kitchens for good reason. They’re multi-taskers, capable of storing pots and pans, concealing appliances, serving as an anchor of the work triangle and taking the place of the kitchen table. Especially useful in kitchens with open floor plans, I-Shape Kitchen/Islands can open up a dialogue between the kitchen and the living room, the cook and the guests. The I-Shape Kitchen/Island is the perfect place to balance congregation and separation, ensuring that hosts can cook and clean while they socialize with their guests. And they can be a great place for kids to do homework under the parents' watchful eyes.