G - Shape Kitchen Style

The G-Shape Kitchen Style is one of the newer solutions to improve efficiency and increase counter space.  The G shape modular kitchen offers plenty of opportunities for specialized work centres and helps shield the cook from distracting traffic. It combines the versatile  U-Shaped  kitchen  with  the advantages  of  an  island  peninsula,  attached  to one end of the U.The experience said that with G shape modular kitchen layout, three people can work at the place effectively without distract one another work. More counter space and bigger storage make the space even more useful for big house. Other benefits of G shape basically still hold on to this reason. It will suitable with the home with more family member, it make the additional storage and counter added to the space, and it easier to integrated the kitchen with other subsidiaries activities with such kitchen shape.

G-Shape Kitchen Style is a beautiful idea that includes a systematic arrangement of kitchen appliances and tools. It is a unique method that makes the task of cooking less monotonous and boring. G-Shaped Kitchen Style is one of those styles that comprises of three counter tables (two adjoining to each other and one separated by an aisle). Now it is possible to divide the appliances as per the need of the user and place them in the right shelves and drawers. In this design, one can also make use of the gap between the counter tops to place appliances such as microwave oven and dishwasher.