Office Cafeteria / Pantry

" The workers who eat together succeed together "
A real break during the day is a good thing. A change of scenery, re-energise, a different kind of distraction. Then back to work. Ready for the next challenge. It’s not only the coffee that’s hot. Although people can also relax here, let’s be honest: if you are just looking for harmless conversation you should choose a different location. Because, as a rule, the talk is mostly about business – in all different forms: informal to official, accidental or adroitly arranged, seldom incidental, never dispensable. The opportunities to listen to colleagues' opinions in a stress-free atmosphere are simply too perfect. Or to finally be able to talk with colleagues from other departments, people whom you seldom see - too seldom. In a nutshell: things are happening here. And the coffee tastes good too. An area for informal communication, small meetings and recreation, above all for staff. Cafeterias are most often located in office floors or near meeting and conference zones. Or as a central, easily reachable space in combination with canteens or restaurants – also a communication zone for customers and guests.

Why Every Company/Office Should Have a Cafeteria/Pantry Area ?
In a bygone era, whenever there was food in the office, there would be an all-out frenzy to get the best treats. But these days, providing sustenance is the next big trend in employee-employer relations. Google, Apple, Facebook, and many others have eateries where co-workers share meals. Of course, this costs companies money, so a workplace cafeteria may not seem worth it if you’re not a tech giant with loads of money.